Family Estates of The Hayfields & The McMays

Artifacts that cast twisted Reincarnation


Aura strong transmutation; CL 18th
Slot none; Weight

Description: Any sentient creature that dies in the zones of the Family Estates are Reincarnated as by the spell with the following changes:

1) Not touch required; as long as in area of Relic’s effect.
2) No component costs.
3) The died revive every 5 minutes, from the wood inside the corresponding house. If not from a family, will Reincarnate in the family estate with the greatest tie.
4) Roll additional D6 to determine sex. Odd- Male Even- Female.
5) The first Reincarnation has a one-time Skill Penalty.
Switch Highest Skill’s Ranks with Knowledge: Local Ranks.
Knowledge: Local now covers Family identification (DC 5), Estate information, the various stories of the feud and legends, etc.
6) Every Reincarnation, a random Skill is changed into another Skill. (GM option)

Destruction: The only way to deactivate each Relic is a live, willing person must jump inside the service door. The iron service doors shatters off (6D6 damage; Reflect 15 Save for half) That person is thrown out unharmed but has gain a negative level, which can be removed normally.

Reincarnation Spell Chart
d% Incarnation Str Dex Con

01 Bugbear +4 +2 +2
02–13 Dwarf +0 +0 +2
14–25 Elf +0 +2 –2
26 Gnoll +4 +0 +2
27–38 Gnome –2 +0 +2
39–42 Goblin –2 +2 +0
43–52 Half-elf +0 +2 +0
53–62 Half-orc +2 +0 +0
63–74 Halfling –2 +2 +0
75–89 Human +0 +0 +2
90–93 Kobold –4 +2 –2
94 Lizardfolk +2 +0 +2
95–98 Orc +4 +0 +0
99 Troglodyte +0 –2 +4
100 Other (GM’s choice) ? ? ?


The two great Family Estates were planning to rally their forces to take a small region of western Geb and go independent. The two families began constructing two Lesser Relics to bolster their ranks of soldiers, never allowing their families to die to the onslaught of Geb’s undead hordes. The local, Bloodlord Popquelane, received word. She sent in spies to subverted the project. Then poisoned the leaders of both Estates and the eve before their attempted coup. The spies created a set-up blaming the over side for hostile takeover. And so the feud started and just got worse.

The Family Estates the physical housing each of these Relics. They start at a base point deep in the earth and lattice up into & through each house. On the roof at the top, service doors available to drop bodies down into the Relics inner workings. This helps power the machines. However, this alone isn’t always enough. Every once in a while, a random unluckily soul disappears. Absorbed into the ether of these Relics. As both families call in mercenaries from time to time, the missing rarely are noticed.

Family Estates of The Hayfields & The McMays

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